Lina Pigadioti with her instinctive impulse teeters, years now, between imaginary and visible, searching the footsteps of time in the breaths of wind, in rust, in the damage of the walls, in life.

Contact with etching does not succeed in caging her in cumbersome techniques. It does reveal to her the unique, the magical strength of the imprint, where she finds the means of expression which touches on her tumultuous temper, as well as her solid base on earth.

Totally given to a feverish experimentation, filtering the world through her spiritual search, she transforms her dreams and passions to movement, which records the light, the form and deeper structure of things.

At the exhibition "Mind Views" stellar landscapes, rays of light, flows, "organic trees", heavy seas and storms surge with stormy spontaneity.

The absence of body is replaced by the delight of gesture. Random is plowed methodically and with imagination. Pasted trivial materials extend her work in space. With innocence but also with synthetic power she unfolds a series of pliable forms which carry a breath of fresh air.

Eftichia Rodopoulou