«Painting is a poetry that you see»

Leonardo Da Vinci

«This is true, because since you start to cultivate works of art – paintings (like the farmers cultivate plants) you sort of doing a sensation, a brain poetry with an image that can fly us in the painting. For example in this painting we see an upside down comma which looks like a big wind blow, coming in a village and all the people – who are the letters of the newspaper – go towards the one side in order to save themselves. Without the poetry we are absent from a dream».

Ioanna Tzima

And if –our need for poesy – is true, through the eyes of a wise man and the eyes of a child, we have to do nothing but accept it. What else would we wish? Our soul, deep inside, knows. We only have to trust it! Our soul, the unconscious side of our inner ego of every man. Αnima – the soul in the unconscious of a male finds its expression as a feminine inner substance and animus – anima – the soul in the unconscious of a female that finds its expression as a masculine inner substance. So it’s not by coincidence that Jung sees the process anima (animus) like one of the main sources of the creative ability. And it’s definitely important to me that through this specific text I found my own source of creative ability that kindly and softly bestow me on the brook of my artistic life. That brook, recently transformed into a river. And it is really very important to me that I landed in this river. And everybody knows that the rivers have always one way, and never turn back. Life is in front of me and the journey …

Lina Pigadioti - Tzima