Christina Mitrentse Projects is pleased to curate Sections vs. Intersections at Lacey Contemporary Gallery, a debut solo exhibition in London by established Greek Artist Lina Pigadioti. The exhibition encompasses a dynamic collection of new and older paintings, collage, etching and mixed media works, which reveal the artists’ diverse working processes, style, medium, scale, meaning & personal history.

Pigadioti’s extensive body of work seeks to visualize the impact of time. Her images engage with the aesthetic experience that emerges from wear, tear, and decay. She recounts the feeling of spoilage that time leaves on matter. She writes with paper and draws with prints. Lettering, colour, textures and random incidences complete the “syllabus” of her communication bible.

Abstraction, and perception manifest themselves as forms of enigmatic complexity in the new series of large scale mixed media works entitled ‘ Crossroads ‘ exhibited for the very first time. Through obtrusive fractures, religion, obscurity, the seductively deceptive artworks become a metaphysical realm for the purging of emotions.

Drawing inspiration from religion, Pigadioti plays with iconography, but the icons at its heart are not those of classical painting, they stem instead from the kind of imagery that has become iconic merely because of the role it has played in all our everyday histories.

Bones collected from her travels, found imagery from her family history, hand written texts and objects from her everyday life painted and/or stuck together on cross sections & intersected panels, gather the reminiscent of cataleptic existence depicted in the new series entitled‘ Roads’. Destruction is the very thing that brings them new life, connecting matter, emotion and memory.

Lina Pigadioti (b. Athens 1967) studied at Parsons School of Art & Design in Paris (BFA, 1991) and Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design in London (1990). In 2013 she completed a Contemporary Art course at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York and participated in a Printmaking Master Class at Columbia University (School of Visual Arts), New York. She has devoted herself to art, after having worked for 18 years in publishing. Her works have been featured in Axia Financial Newspaper, Athens Voice, Kathimerini paper and they have been exhibited in solo and group shows in Greece, USA and London. Lina Pigadioti works are part of private collections in EU & USA, including Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Greece, Dakis Ioannou Collection, David Smith and Della Rounick USA, Takis Daskaleros & Dimitris Anastasakis , Belgium.

Christina Mitrentse